05 October 2014

CANDON | Unusual, bizarre-looking fish species appear in Candon

Candon City, Ilocos Sur ▬ Unusual-looking species of fish have been appearing in Candon this year. After the onslaught of typhoon Mario, a bizarre looking species of fish was captured by the townsmen.

Last March this year, another species identified as sunfish was also seen on the shores of Darapidap.

Photo: dead sunfish seen in Darapidap

All these species were seen dead. 

16 September 2014

ILOCANO PRIDE | Clark International Airport Highlights Vigan Photos in the Arrival Area

Clark, Pampanga ▬ Vigan, a UNESCO World Heritage City and a semi-finalist for the Search for the New 7 Wonder Cities of the World welcomes every traveler in Clark International Airport through a banner photo of the city featuring the Calle Crisologo.

This is an express recognition of Vigan's role in boosting the tourism industry in the Philippines. Vigan is the best preserved example of a colonial town in Asia. To vote for Vigan city for the New 7 Wonder Cities, follow this link ► http://www.n7w.com/en/cities

Photo credits to Naino Gadingan.

07 September 2014

VIGAN | The United States Will Support Vigan for the New7Wonder Cities (via Net25)

Vigan City ▬ Vigan's bid to be the next New7Wonder City got support from the United States. According to Net25, US ambassador to the Philippines told the media that they are pushing Vigan City to be a part of the shortlist.

The US ambassador assured help from the US during his recent visit to the city. Vigan is a semi-finalist for the said campaign. The United States also has an entry for the campaign which is Chicago. To vote for Vigan, log on to http://www.n7w.com/cities/en

31 August 2014

VIGAN | Exclusive: Wedding Proposal at the Dancing Fountain: Fiancee Narrates the Story

Vigan City ▬ A wedding proposal made by a tourist from Metro Manila became a trending topic in the Ilocanosphere. Of course, many Ilocanos are curious about the behind-the-scenes. ILOCOS DAILY team contacted the lucky girl and conducted an exclusive interview with Gia Tambis, the most beautiful girl that night.

Gia's candid reaction when she was surprised by a wedding proposal (Photo provided by Gia Tambis)

The two persons behind the trending news in Ilocandia are Saki Mirabueno and Gia Tambis. The latter is the star of that night. Gia is from Las Piñas while the romantic guy was from Quezon City. So who's the idea of going to Vigan? "I was the one who urged him to book a trip anywhere for the long weekend. He was the one who chose Vigan as our destination," Gia said.

Gia said that Vigan has been in their places-to-go list since they started dating. She added that one reason why Vigan is on their bucket list is because they love laid back, culturally-rich places. "We are not beach people, so we really go to places that are laid back yet culturally rich." Gia added.

Like a romantic flick, Gia did not expect that a wedding proposal is already awaiting her. From her words, "It was super unexpected. If anything, I would have expected it on my upcoming birthday (Sept. 6)."

Curious what this couple did in Vigan before that momentous night? They had a lunch at Lilong ang Lilang's Restaurant and explored the Hidden Garden. They had a nice stroll in Calle Crisologo too. Before they went to the Plaza Salcedo to watch the fountain show, they visited the St Paul Metropolitan Cathedral to have a mass.

The wedding proposal was well set-up for her. Gia said that Saki hired a group of photographers/videographers to document the entire day without her knowledge.

Gia narrates, "Apparently, they were following us from Calle Crisologo to take candid shots. After the mass, we headed to the Plaza to find a good spot to sit. When we got there, he excused himself to go to the bathroom. When he came back, he was already escorted by a guard who assisted us going up the roofdeck of the plaza hall. We had the perfect view of the entire plaza! I noticed a guy holding a video camera, but I never guessed that he was already filming us! I thought he was just a tourist like us who just wanted to document the show. After the show, he lead me to the front part of the plaza where we saw musicians playing the violin and the piano. He said we should watch them first before going back to the hotel. They were playing the song 'I won't last a day without you'. From there, I already noticed that the spotlight and cameras were already focused on us. He took my hand and lead me to the balcony. I kept asking him what's going on, and he just told me not to worry and imagine that we were alone. I was already shaking and crying by time he started his 'speech' and almost fainted when he went down on his knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! I hugged him and then he put the ring on my finger. We heard the crowd cheering and gushing as this happened. Then we slow-danced to the tune of 'a thousand years' and someone handed me a bouquet of roses. We went down and he introduced me to his apprentice as well as to the group of photographers. A reporter from the local news also interviewed us after. We went back to the hotel for a few more photos and he shared with me how he was able to pull it off."

Gia was the most beautiful woman that night, she also has the 'longest hair.' (Photo provided by Gia Tambis)

One kilig fact we learned from Gia is that Saki already asked permission from her parents before they traveled to Vigan. Gia had no idea about what's cooking around.

Gia believed that what was happening to her that time only happens in movies. But that night, she became the star of her own real-life movie.

"I only watch these things in movies! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would happen to me. Saki is a very simple guy and is not very fond of public display of affection. That's why for him to pull off something like this is really a milestone in our relationship! For a while, it felt like we were the only two people in the entire plaza. I didn't realize how big the crowd was until we got down." Gia replied.

Obviously, the wedding proposal is the most memorable experience she had in Vigan. But other than the proposal, they both enjoyed the food (bagnet), the old churches, Calle Crisologo and their photoshoot at the Bantay bell tower.

So you want to learn why her fiance chose Vigan and the dancing fountain to propose? Gia narrates: "He did a thorough research on Vigan! He showed me his laptop and he had about 10 or more tabs open on his browser which featured Vigan. He said he was awed by the fountain show when he came across videos and photos of it. His initial plan was for the laser light to flash "will you marry me" during the fountain show, unfortunately the technician or programmer was not able to incorporate it on time."

The couple is planning to tie the knot on January 05, 2015. - end
This article was written by Edmar Guquib for ILOCOS DAILY.


Edmar Guquib is an Ilocano blogger and travel writer. He blogs on www.edmaration.com and www.exploreilocos.com. He also contributes to www.choosephilippines.com. He is a proud Bigueño, loves coffee and works as a nurse on daytime. He roams around Ilocos to search for interesting food, places, people and stories. If you want your services, products and businesses in Ilocos to be featured, contact him via edmaration@gmail.com or in his facebook page. Click his photo to read more of his contributions.


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30 August 2014

VIGAN | Gov Ryan Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Did it in Front of a Big Crowd

Vigan City ▬ The trending "Ice Bucket Challenge" making rounds in the world wide web and in mainstream media has reached the Ilocano Republic. Gov. Ryan Singson accepted the challenge from his dad Chavit Singson.

The young governor did the challenge in front of the Provincial Capitol. The latter shivered on the stage while it drew laughter from the big crowd.

Ice Bucket Challenge is a fun and trending activity used to raise public awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease affecting the nerves causing paralysis.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is compsed of pouring out a bucket full of ice to a person. The sudden paralyzing effect of an ice cold water gives the player an idea how people with ALS is going through. For Gov Ryan, challenge accomplished!
This article was written by Franco Ayala for ILOCOS DAILY.


Franco Ayala is a belter of Michael Bolton hits. He loves extreme sports, bicycling stunts, skateboarding and social media.

He is currently based in Jolo, Sulu but comes to Ilocos every 3 months to drink basi wine in San Ildefonso and eat sinanglao in Plaza Burgos. Click his photo to read more of his contributions.

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